We now have a button camera with a Micro DVR that will allow you to get video footage “covertly”. You know, for those times you need to be stealth. The unit records to an SD card. Hours of  video on a 2G card. 720×480 AVI video files, pretty cool device. We now have 2 Panasonic SDX 900 Cameras, just in case you need a second camera on the next shoot. Also, be sure to take a look at our Tricaster for your next multi camera, or web streaming event.


Recent Work

July was the Baseball Hall of Fame Inductions, always a good time!

We also worked on a Fox News special about Honor Killings shot in HD.

August brought us to the Giants Training camp where we had some fun with the players for Spike TV, taunting them about their stats on Madden 09, shot that in HD as well.

Also in August, another HD shoot, this time in NYC, with Daniel Lebskind, the architect for the new World Trade Center. He was great to work with, we shot segments of him on white seamless for a German production company.


HD Work Flow

As HD becomes more commonplace, I have been fielding workflow question, most based around the P2 cards and files as opposed to tape. The problem with cards alone is the issue we are all aware of… archiving, having a tape to put on the shelf. Not to mention, we often do not have time to download files – we need to hand our client the tape so they can catch the next flight out.

The file-based stuff is great, being able to bring it to the edit room and bam it’s there, WOW, sweet. However, the uncertainty of those files weighs heavily on the DP, producer, and anyone else who cares about the shoot.

So what to do?? We have been doing both. The beauty of the HDX 900 Camera, besides the fact it shoots 1080i and 720p, is that it has a Firewire port that we use to connect an FS100 Firestore DTE Hard Drive. It will allow us to roll tape and record files to the drive. We’ve done this on several large shoots recently and it has worked great. The Firestore also allows you to shoot native frame rates, so if you shoot, say 24p, you will get 23.98, with no duplicate frames eliminating the need to do pulldowns in the edit.


New Considerations

16:9, 24p, 30p, 60i, 720p, 1080i, 59.97, Centercut Safe, 25 Mb, 50 Mb, 4:3 safe, DVCPROHD, HDCAM, HDV, P2…it goes on. These are all new considerations we now have to be aware of. So, be sure to have it all worked out when you call for your crew. Best not to deal with it the day of the shoot! Talk to the editor and the DP, just to be sure everyone is on the same page. These are all work flow issues, so be aware! We want to be sure you get what you need.


New Crew Vehicle

We think this is the ultimate crew vehicle. What else does Oakley build?


In Other News

Jeremy and Bonnie had their baby on August 14th. A son, Liam Asher!!

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