Golden Lamb SignI often get asked, why Golden Lamb? Where did the name come from? The company name came from the small family farm I grew up on in upstate NY. My dad moved the family out of Northern New Jersey and started a small farm with chickens, pigs, a garden, and a small herd of sheep. He didn’t have a name for it, so the story goes that one day he happened upon a plaque, grabbed it and nailed it to the barn. The farm was named! My dad passed away in ’82. In 1986, I was looking to name my production company, happened upon the plaque, and considered it for a moment…the name was right there! A minor tribute to him and a reminder to me. The farm and the move was a chance he took so many years ago. The business venture I set out upon was a chance and risk I took, so I guess, in a way, the name represents more than just a company identifier. It’s about turning points and risks, things that define us and make us who we are!


Golden Lamb Jason MrazJess and Jason Mraz

There’s Jessica (our intern) and Jason Mraz on a recent Nightline Playlist shoot.


PDW 700 XDCAM on Location

On location in NYC at Hill Country BBQ. Within days of taking delivery of Sony’s PDW700 XDCAM HD422 Camcorder, we had a request by a producer from ABC Nightline to shoot her segment with it. It was a fun shoot and the food, ohh the food was great, always a good thing, food and crew. We actually shot that segment in SD wide screen. The really great thing about this camera is that it will record HD, 1080 or 720, plus it will also record in SD.


Golden Lamb CooperstownCooperstown

Working with MLB in this shot. Baseball Hall of Fame hosted a great game at Doubleday field with the “old timers” – players, that is!


Location, Location, Location..

Our location affords us quick drive times to major eastern cities including Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Hartford, and Burlington, not to mention all the small towns in between.

Golden Lamb Nightline Crew CitifieldCiti Field

Here’s the Nightline Crew shooting at Citi Field (Dow, Sarah, John and Greg)


In Other News

Golden Lamb recently reached an agreement to purchase Cerasun Video of Saratoga NY.
We welcome those clients to the family, and look forward to serving their production needs.

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