Well, as I write this, it’s the coldest day of the year so far and I was going to take in an NFL play off game. Then I got to thinking…hey, it’s a good time to start the newsletter, my youngest daughter is singing her heart out in the other room, and the twins are away, so I’m thinking about life!

Not sure what your year holds in store but I already have a wedding on the calendar. Ashley, one of the twins, is getting married. Her fiancé is a fine young man she met while working. Jessica, Ashley’s other half, will be finishing up school in NYC and will have a degree in Public Relations and Marketing. So, I will be having yet another life- changing year. It’s really with mixed emotions that all this is going on. You know that these are the days you hoped for when they were toddling around the house, but it’s tough to see them off to their own life, producing their own “program”, so to speak. It’s something that you think about, but never realize that it will really happen. I’m thankful they are finding their niche. I have been blessed to watch it happen, and happen so fast!! So to you that have young kids around, take the time now because it does not come around a second time. Be a blessing to them and they will bless you even when you don’t realize it. BTW I want to thank John Heaney for the picture!


Golden Lamb Chipotle sxsw Festival AustinChipotle

I was given the opportunity to work for Chipotle at the SXSW festival in Austin, TX. We shot quick 1 minute segments that were edited on location, then uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, allowing people who didn’t make it to the festival to see a little of what was going on. The main material was shot with the PDW-700 XDCAM, but we did employ the Canon 7D DSLR and the Canon XF-305.


Golden Lamb Montauk FerryALL over NYS

Golden Lamb produced video profiles for NYSHTA’s  2012 Stars of the Industry Award winners. We traveled all over the state to interview the winners. Montauk to Horseheads, NYC to Grand Gorge. We saw a lot of New York! Great people, great fun. We shot primary interviews with the Sony F-3, and used the PDW-700 XDCAM as cuts, and the Canon XF-305 was employed for timelapse. Here’s a comment from the VP, “I thought the event was the best we have done in 9 years….all around, very professional and we have received great feedback.” The photo shows the crew on the ferry from Montauk.


ABC News 20/20

Revenge in the Hamptons is an hour-long special we worked on with producer Jim Dubreuil and ABC News anchor, Cynthia McFadden. We shot the interview with Danny Pelosi in prison, using Sony F-3 and PDW-700 cameras. Prison interviews are always tough, but this one was especially tough. The room we were in was not conducive to a large crew and lots of gear, but we made it work.

In Other News

Some of you have had the pleasure to work with one of the newest members of our team, Jeff McGovern. Well, he is already moving on to great opportunity in Atlanta….yee haw for him!! We wish you the best Jeff!! It was great to work with you and you will be missed

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