Golden Lamb RC OctocopterWe have just taken delivery of a Hoverfly Scripta.  What is that you ask? It is the most technologically advanced ACP or Aerial Camera Platform on the market. An aerial platform for our clients to get those one of a kind shots. This is a steadicam, endless Jib, and dolly all wrapped into an RC Octocopter. She will fly GoPro’s or DSLR’s, has GPS positioning and lots of other crazy technology. Call if you want to chat about the possibilities.


Golden Lamb USPS ShootUSPS

Once again, we had the opportunity to be at the Baseball Hall Of Fame for Inductions this year. Although, this year it was different. We provided production and Uplink services for the United States Postal Service’s introduction of 4 new stamps. It was a 4 camera live event that went off without a hitch!


Golden Lamb WeddingWedding

We had a terrific wedding in July – my daughter Ashley married a great guy, Joe U., and now they are adjusting to that new life. Thanks for all the well wishers out there and my good friend Tommy K. who agreed to document the event on video!


Golden Lamb Stertil Koni LiftsGiant Lifts!!

We recently completed a video for Stertil Koni, manufacturers of very large vehicle lifts. I consider myself a gear head but I had no idea lifts came this big!


Golden Lamb Hurricane SandySANDY

We covered the storm from Stamford CT to Breezy Point, NY, Hoboken NJ, and NYC. I’ve never quite seen the amount of damage from one storm as I have during the coverage of Sandy. Burned out, flooded, wind-damaged homes, flooded streets, and gas lines that stretched for miles. Simply amazing to realize we have no power over the weather and what nature can dish out.

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