Golden Lamb CameraWe have just added the Sony F-5 CineAlta 4K camera to our inventory. It is truly a great camera and can do 180fps for those wanting exceptional slo mo! It will shoot 2K on internal cards, 2K raw and 4K with the external AXSM Recorder. Internally, it will shoot MPEG2-HD, the defacto standard at 50Mbps, XAVC-HD, the next generation of H.264/AVC at 90 Mbps, or SR file, a fixture in Hollywood production. So, be sure to ask for the F-5 on your next shoot!


Golden Lamb c5 Redrock Micro one man crewOne Man Crew-Review

This is a piece of gear that is actually quite cool.  It’s not often something works as advertised, but this does. I won’t bore you with details ‘cause you can find those on the internet, but suffice it to say that we like this thing. It will track a dolly move at any preset speed. We love to run a second camera on it especially for interviews. The other cool thing…it has a timelapse mode. Be sure to ask for it on your next shoot! We have it and will bring it!!


Golden Lamb Clark Art InstituteThe Clark Art Institute

The Clark Art Institute just finished a new building which has been about 4 years in the making (just construction). Be sure to make a day trip visit and take in the space. It’s wonderful!

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