Golden Lamb Cooking With PamWe had the pleasure this past Fall of working with a few clients, shooting for them in 4K. To be honest, it’s come on quicker than I thought, but it certainly seems to have legs, unlike the 3D TV push from a couple years back. We are  happy to be able to offer not just the gear, but the expertise to capture the 4K images our clients want. Our Sony F-5 is ready for you and able to record 4K RAW with the AXS Recorder or, if you don’t need RAW, we can shoot internal 4K and can even offer 4K in ProRes with our external Convergent 7Q recorder/monitor. Be sure to call 518-766-4358 for your next production…we’d love to work with you!


Golden Lamb Sound Devices 633 MixerSound Devices 633

We have added the new Sound Devices 633 Mixer to our package. With 6 inputs and the ability to record up to 10 channels, this is the mixer you want for your next shoot. Compact in size but huge on ability. Couple that with our 2 wireless links to camera and it makes for a great multicam shoot!  Yo dude no cables!! The ability to ISO-record the inputs is awesome for back up or transcription.  Oh!!! It has timecode too, for those professionals that like more than a “slap” slate. We can also provide wireless IFB for productions that need it.


Golden Lamb Convergent 7qOur Convergent 7Q

This great piece of gear makes things a bit easier. You can watch 4 cameras at once in the quad split mode for those multicam shoots, record ProRes at 220Mb for those direct to edit shoots, and use it as handy, great-looking monitor! Ask for it on your next shoot!


DownrainRental Gear

One last thing that’s new for us – we now offer rental on some of our gear. We realized some of you may be coming into town and need a few things you’d rather not put on an airplane. Call and inquire today.

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