Golden Lamb cn7x17 front angle slanted4K Lens

We now have Canon’s CN7x17 KAS S T2.95 Cine Servo PL mount lens for your 4K production. Mounted to our Sony F-5 camera, it’s an amazing combination. It offers stunning 4K camera-compatible optical performance and is compact and lightweight. The lens can be used as a cinema lens with full manual operation by detaching the drive unit from the lens. An 11-blade aperture diaphragm helps ensure an artistic and beautiful representation of out-of-focus areas. It also boasts a wide focal length range of 17mm to 120mm!  Using this lens makes for a great shoot and awesome images.


4K Internal Recording

Sony recently released firmware 5.0 for the F-5 to record 4K internally, and we have it! We also have the Convergent 7Q to record ProRes if that’s your thing. When you need RAW, there’s the AXS recorder that’s also available.


Golden Lamb Studio Set ShootShoot News!

We recently had a client that needed to shoot operational videos of new products that will be coming to market this year, and we needed to shoot in a controlled space. So we built the set and shot in our studio. Be sure to ask about our space for your next project if you want to save some money and enjoy some good company!

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