Golden Lamb Road WarriorsOk, I’m just gonna put it out there. We are looking for work! Need a crew anywhere in the country, call us. You never know what we can work out. We are travel ready and can cover most of the Northeastern US in just 4 short hours of driving.  That’s Maine to Pennsylvania, Boston, MA to Buffalo, NY. We can also pack up and be on a flight to anywhere for you! We’re veterans and know what it takes to get the job done! Ok, so there’s my pitch, now it’s your turn, just call 518-441-0788!

Golden Lamb DJI Ronin Camera PlatformFalling into New Ideas of Movement

We have added a DJI Ronin to our gear package.  It’s a 3 axis, gyro-stabilized camera platform for shooting awesome tracking shots, reveals, and just about anything that has movement. Well, for that matter, anything you want to have some movement. You can actually use a shot for more than 5 seconds, so get into a new frame of mind!  Gone are the days of the boring set up shots. Ask for it on your next shoot with us.
Watch the demo

Golden Lamb Aerial DroneAerial Movement Whoa!

Since before the drone became so popular, we were supplying aerial footage. We can work with you on helicopter footage or drone footage, are discreet and professional, and respect the power of the drone. Call, we’d love to help!

Golden Lamb Media ManagementMedia Management Tip

After a long day of shooting, we often find ourselves backing up and transferring media to clients’ hard drives.

Keep a few things in mind:
1. Be sure to store your data in 2 places.
2. Use a program like Sony’s Content Browser or Shotput Pro to transfer the media. This will verify that the media is not corrupted and was actually burned to the drive safely. Drag and drop sometimes creates issues!
3. Be sure to schedule the time to do this…media still doesn’t move at the speed of light. We can’t make it go any faster no matter how we nicely we talk to the computer!

In Other News

Looking for good interns that want to learn. Could turn into an apprenticeship. Email us!!

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