Hope everyone had a great spring! Surely got an unexpected mild winter here in the Northeast and a strange spring. Had to break out a sweater just the other day. What’s that about?


Golden Lamb Cyclapse PoleLong-Term Timelapse

We are now offering long-term time lapse service. If you have a project you want documented over a long time period, like the construction of a new office, or you want to watch your yard go from summer to winter, we can do it. We have weatherproof camera housings, with solar power, so 1 week to 1 year, we can help get that time lapse for you!
The unit can be mounted almost anywhere.  Here we have it on a tripod, shooting just a few days.
View a month-long timelapse.


Golden Lamb New Hampshire PrimaryNH Primary Coverage

We were excited and honored to be a part of ABC’s coverage of the NH Debate and Primary this year, got to see the candidates up close and real!


Golden Lamb Cecelia VegaAudio Tech Rob Reed wiring Cecila

We worked with anchor Cecila Vega and her producer Seni. It was crazy, but that’s normal in political coverage!

S and S Brewery
Reaches Kickstarter Goal

S and S Brewery in Nassau, NY reached its Kickstarter goal in large part due to a video they asked us to produce. The video tells the story of the transformation from a farm to a brewery, and brings their story to life. It was great fun to work on, and we were able to get real creative with some of our camera platforms. View the video! “Everyone’s jaw was on the floor!  What an incredible video.

“You did a phenomenal job.  Words cannot describe how thankful we are.”
The S and S Family

They’ve almost completed construction of the new tap room, so be sure to pay them a visit this summer. Friday nights…great time.

In Other News

Curby 3 Style Wrestling Club put together the recent outdoor wrestling tournament, Headlocks on the Hudson, held in Troy NY and it was a huge success. View the video!

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