Dow Haynor, President of Golden Lamb Productions

Since 1986 GLP has been working with a broad aspect of clients, from broadcasters, corporate clients to production houses and small businesses. Providing crews to shoot inspiring video, tell their stories, sell their product, or to entertain and inform millions of people around the globe. Our long history and exposure in the industry has given our crews vast experience in every array of video production. GLP’s experience includes corporate training, political commercials and lobbying, news,re-enactments, fundraising, undercover work, sporting events, interviews, advertisement, music television and ministry video. GLP is well versed, equipped, and ready to tackle your next project.

With an extensive list of satisfied clients, GLP has established a lasting reputation as the company to turn to when a project needs to be with excellence, creativity, and delivered on time. In our over 20 years of experience we have never missed a deadline and have no intention of doing so in the future. See our Clients page to view and hear from some of the many high profile company’s we have worked with in the past and continue to have a working relationship with today.

Our Mission

What drives and directs us as a company

To provide excellence and creativity to every client in every aspect of video production

Our Values

Establishing lasting relationships with each client that will enable them to trust us to clearly communicate their message with excellence.

Establishing the industry standard by which other companies will be measured by through giving our best effort for every client on every project and in every situation.

Valuing and utilizing the talents and input of our entire staff and each client to provide the most creative and cutting edge product available.

Providing truthful information, answers, and insights to every client, every time.

Thinking beyond what has been done, to what can be, and creatively finding avenues to accomplish what others only dream about.

Being at our best at all times to deliver the best product we can, on time.

Loving what we do and making each experience enjoyable and fulfilling for every client.