Williams College

Dow, working with you and the Golden Lamb production team was a pleasure. The quality of your work was outstanding, both at the event and in the post-production phase. Everyone at Williams was so pleased with the Daring Change videos. Thank you for your professionalism and humor!

– Suzanne

Experience Music Project – Science Fiction Hall of Fame

I want to thank you so much for the outstanding job you did for me and Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Hall of Fame. It is always a bit dicey when one is travelling and needs to find crew in unfamiliar locations. Believe me I was so happy to find you because you were up to the challenge with your artistic eye, attention to detail, and willingness, not to mention we were able to rely on your technical capabilities as well. To top it off you are a delight to work with. I also appreciated that you went the extra distance, literally!

– Virginia


Madonna and I both looked (and sounded) great… thanks to you all. And the falling light is a highlight of tonight’s 20/20 !! Thank you all. Fine work

– Cynthia


Thank you again for all of your work on Madonna. Every single shot looked amazing and was lit with such care. Even in the last moments when things were being changed, you guys kept calm and made it all work. The way each shot was composed was brilliant, you made the room look so luscious and extravagant. Thanks again for making us look so good!

– Steve


I thought the event was the best we have done in 9 years….all around, very professional and we have received great feedback.

– Mark D

The Blaze

The footage looks great and the piece is coming together quite nicely! Thank you for your great, hard work and for your very resourceful van of goodies. You saved the day.

I look forward to working with you again very soon. You are a real pro and a joy to be around.

– Art – NY Post production, Field & Graphics Manager


Yes, thanks to you and your stellar crew! Had a blast and the footage looks great. The boss is pleased.

– Emily – Producer CNN Productions


Just wanted you to know that the work Dow did in Watertown yesterday was superb. The editor (Tom Marcyes) and I couldn’t be more pleased… all we had wished for and more. Very cool.

– Richard – Producer 20/20

Goddard Space Flight Center

The tapes came in and I just went through them. The stuff looks fantastic. All the shots I was hoping you’d get were there and the sound bites with Al and the students were great.

– Ryan – Goddard Space Flight Center

Feld Entertainment

Just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed shooting with you and Jeremy and Andy – you guys were awesome. And the footage…OMG…the FOOTAGE…AMAH-ZING! seriously. We need to talk about getting you involved with more of our shoots – you got shots that I had no idea you were filming. The show is really great because of it.

– Julia


I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of your work. The interview looks beautiful and Art was eternally grateful that you not only shot beautiful footage you synchronized the two cameras:)

– Michelle S


Thanks for doing such a superb job on this project and I look forward to working with GLP on future projects!

– Susan F

S&S Family

Everyone’s jaw was on the floor! What an incredible video. You did a phenomenal job. Words can not describe how thankful we are.

– Th S&S Family