Offering the best in field production services, bringing together all the important elements to make sure your shoot goes smooth and you get what you expect. With over 25 years of field production experience we offer you the peace of mind knowing it’s “under control”. Always ready to travel, always abreast of the production technologies, always friendly, and working with you to assure the highest quality production. High Definition or standard def, our field production has you taken care of. We’ll shoot what you need and hand over the tapes, or if you prefer take your material into our edit bay and complete your project.
As a multi-format company, we shoot and edit in the formats available today, 4K, HD1080I, HD720P, Betacam, DVCPRO50, Mini DV, DV Cam, HDV etc. Our equipment inventory includes a Stedicam, Dollies, a 25′ CamMate Camera Crane. These key items along with numerous others allow us to help you get that perfect shot.


  • 25+ years of experience to guide you
  • No hidden cost budget development
  • Step by step creative script development and support
  • User friendly worksheets for script creation
  • Client /Producer developed timeline
  • Continual Client/Producer communication


  • Crewing services 24/7 ENG, EFP, SNG
  • Travel-ready, available on your site or name-your-destination
  • Photographers, audio technicians, crane operators, grips, lighting technicians, p.a.’s, producers, directors

Post Production

  • Comfortable Climate Controlled Final Cut Pro Edit Suite fully component/digital
  • Remote Editing Laptop Loaded with Final Cut Pro
  • Video File Conversions for Web Streaming, DVD’s or Pod Casting

Design & Duplication

  • Design to delivery for all types of media